Peter Mansbendel

WELCOME to the website dedicated to master woodcarver Peter Mansbendel (1883-1940). The site contains historical information about Mr. Mansbendel that will help explain his importance in Texas Art History and showcase his beautiful art work.

You will also find pages of historic Texas homes with their Mansbendel carved ornamental elements such as mantles, newel posts, moldings, corbels, capitals, columns and other decorative and figurative elements. There is also a page where you can submit your home with Mansbendel carvings for posting on the website.

In addition, there are sections with facts, photographs and stories about Mansbendel from his family, friends and clients.

The information provided on this website is a compilation from many sources, and I would like to thank all who made contributions and have helped me in this ongoing process. If you know of Peter Mansbendel carvings, stories or can make any historical contribution to the site, please feel free write or call me to discuss, it would be appreciated.

Your comments and thoughts about the entire project are also welcome...

Thank You,
Doug Oliver
Texas Woodcarver

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