Clotilde Ida Shipe-Mansbendel

Clotilde Ida Shipe-Mansbendel was born in1885 in Austin, Tx. Her father Monroe M. Shipe developed Hyde Park-Austin's first planned neighborhood in 1891. Clotilde was a beautiful, musically gifted young woman when she visited New York in 1911 after a trip to Europe. She met her husband to be (Peter Mansbendel) at a tea in his studio. She was impressed with his outstanding works and spoke in glowing terms of his ability. She also spoke glowingly of Texas, and especially of Austin. In a few weeks after Clotilde left NYC, Peter decided that he wanted to be where she was. So he hopped a train and landed in Austin. After a short courtship they decided to get married. They were married May 16, 1911 at the 1st Congregational church of Austin and lived with her parents for a short time. The couple returned to New York for a period but returned to make Austin their permanent home in 1912. Peter referred to his lovely bride as "My Clo" or "Clo".

On April 9, 1913, the couple welcomed their first child "Valerie". The couple enjoyed their time with her as is evidenced by some of these photos. The Manbendels then welcomed their second child "Peter Monroe" on May, 5 1920.

The Mansbendels seemed to have led a very active and happy life in Austin. Peter the hard working artist and Clo the dedicated wife and mother.They were in involved with church, civic functions and theater. Clo and Peter would often host parties in their home on Saturday nights with their friends and both seemed to have possessed a zest for life. Unfortunately, this happy life was cut short with Peter's death in 1940 at the age of 56. Clo remained Peter's biggest supporter during and after his lifetime, both emotionally and financially,
Clo continued to live in their home until her death in 1963.

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